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You’ve probably heard of the term SEO, but if you don’t recognize the abbreviation, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a broad term that encompasses the factors that contribute to your website being found by a search engine.

Your website pages need to have h1 tags- which essentially tells the search engine what information is on each page. Also, your pictures need to have SEO friendly tags, which tell the search engine what the picture is of.  Again, these little details speak to search engines, and will increase your chance of being found on a Google search.


Another Important aspect of SEO, is maintaining consistent business information. Your phone number and address must be consistent across your online profiles, for search engines to consider your business legitimate. You might be thinking, well of course all of information is correct because I entered it myself. While that might be true, some companies automatically generate profiles for new businesses. Then, anyone can edit the profile, and enter information about your business, even if it is incorrect.


Don’t worry because there is a way to combat this issue. Start by scanning your business and see how you rank, based on these SEO factors. Our scan, which can be found below, will scan your business listings, and estimate how accurate your information is. Simply enter your Business name, address and phone number, and let the scan do the rest.


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