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The latest POS system on the market is revolutionizing the food service industry. These systems do half the work of a General Manager and they will make your server’s lives easier as well. Some systems are confusing and take a while to integrate into your business. These systems can be customized to your layout preference.

Inventory management is the most popular feature of the product. Imagine never having to reorder pickles, because every time stock gets low, the system places a new order. Food runners will never again have to guess which customer ordered the fish, because this POS system numbers each seat, creating individual orders for each person at a table. It also makes splitting checks a breeze.

Want to accept more than cash and debit cards? This system also accepts Apple Pay and other mobile payments. No more waiting for deposits, because your money will be in your account the next day. It also connects with GrubHub and other online food delivery services.

If you are a franchise owner, with multiple locations or even separate businesses, you can toggle between businesses through this system. Keeping track of your many endeavors is easy with the Revel.

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