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Website hosting comprises more than just storing your site files on a server. A proper host also runs constant checks on your website and server to keep them secure. Every company with an online presence has to pay for hosting, but as the saying goes, ‘you get what you pay for’. A Godaddy domain and a self-created Wix website may be the cheap option but it won’t be prudent in the long-run. Without cyber-security help, who is going to protect your website.

EPS constantly performs server side updates, backups and offers malware prevention to keep your website secure. All of this is essential to any business, but especially important for ecommerce companies. If your company website isn’t secure, you could be putting customer information at risk.

Imagine that your website gets hacked. Now you’re not only looking at paying to fix the problem, but you are missing out on business sales while the website is down. Think of ‘secure hosting fees’ as insurance. It’s going to protect your business and come to the rescue in an emergency.

Hosting may seem like a unnecessary fee, but without it, your website and your company as a whole could be at risk. Without constant malware checks and server updates, your website and the server can not be secure. Do yourself a favor and invest in secure hosting.

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