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If utilized, your marketing team will increase brand awareness, maintain consistency and over time, increase sales. However, if you don’t hear from your team or consultant regularly, chances are, you’re not getting any of that. As always, communication is key. Monthly reports help you to analyze data and determine the next course of action.

In addition, regular meetings with your digital marketing consultant can help to maintain accuracy regarding your company’s information. When business information is inconsistent, it negatively impacts your chances of being found by a search engine.

It’s important to be familiar with the company’s tiered packages. You could be missing out on services that you didn’t need three years ago when you signed the contract. And now those features are essential. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and lacking services can cost your business valuable online visibility.

Marketing takes patience, because if you aren’t immediately seeing results, it’s easy to get frustrated. Which then makes it easy to write your marketing budget off as an unnecessary expense. However, as business owners know, zero budget will adversely affect sales.

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