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1. Update your website if it was created more than 5 years ago

2. Add META and h1 tags to every page of your website (this will improve your SEO)

3. List your business on 70 social platforms (you should be on at least 10)

4. Improve your website’s ability to get found by search engines and propagate on the first page of search engine results

5. Acquire and verify reviews for your company to improve your average rating above 3 stars. You should have at least 10 quality reviews

6. Implement secure and functional payment processing for your website

7. Host your website and perform routine security check and backups to protect your site files

Having a clear marketing plan is essential to creating a robust online presence. If your current online marketing results aren’t reflecting your efforts, it’s time to look for a professional marketing company that can also seamlessly integrate payment processing.

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